What is the Tiloly Mini Garden Carrot Harvest Toy?

Tiloly mini garden carrots harvest toy is a simple, wooden Montessori toy. A unique pretend play garden set that helps your little one connect with nature by introducing them to fun games like fishing, sorting and matching.

Tiloly harvest carrots toy includes the following items that your little farmer can play with. They include;

  • 5 wooden carrots to sort in their holes with their little hands or the clamp.
  • 6 wooden magnetic worms.
  • 5 wooden magnetic fish.
  • And 1 fishing pole that your child can fish for the worms and fish.  

Newborn babies – 6 to 12 months

Guess what? Even your new born baby can benefit from this fun Montessori game. 

Babies 6-12 months can safely play with the baby carrot harvest toy under adult supervision. 

At this stage your baby can move, crawl and are fascinated by their surroundings.

Watch your baby try to reach and grasp the baby carrots in their little hands as they start to discover, relate to and actively engage with the world around them as their motor skills develop.

Toddlers – the terrific twos and threes

Congratulations! Your baby has now moved onto the stage of the terrific twos and threes. Your super energetic  toddler will have fun fishing and sorting carrots, worms, into their slots, using the tiny fishing pole and clamp in their Tiloly harvesting carrots toy set.

Grown Ups

Adults too can also play along as they guide their babies on this new journey of fishing. 

Help your little one get the best out of this carrot harvesting toy by teaching them the different objects and showing them how they work.

Are you wondering why Tiloly mini garden is a good choice for your munchkin?

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy your child the Tiloly carrots harvest toys & games;

  • Nurtures imagination

 Let your little one’s imagination flourish, and allow your child to figure out how to catch the fish & worms and sort the carrots.

  • Develop long-life skills

Tiloly Mini Garden helps children develop a broad range of important life skills like, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, resilience, patience to control and many more skills which encourage independence. 

  • Learn as you play

Tiloly carrot harvester toy exposes your child to various colors, different textures and objects. As they fish and sort carrots, they’ll learn about colors, shapes and sizes. This helps refine their senses & learn more during play.

Tiloly carrot harvest wooden toy is a super interactive game that involves coordination as you have to fish and sort the colorful carrots in their slots using the fishing pole and clamp.

  • Montessori – educational toy

Tiloly carrots harvest wooden educational toy is designed after the Montessori Method of learning which helps nurture imagination, develop your baby’s senses, motor skills and boost their brain power. 

Chose the Montessori way of learning and help enhance creativity, self-confidence, improve motor skills, and muscle growth and develop independence for your little one.

 This carrot harvest wooden toy is the ideal toy for little creative minds and parents who are mindful and intentional about raising brilliant creative kids who are in touch and aware of their world.

  • Made with love and care 

A lot of research, detail and love were poured into this little awesome wooden carrots harvest toys with our little customers in mind. 


Tiloly is made of high quality, odorless, natural wood. Our wooden carrot harvest toy is well polished with smooth edges and a fine finish to avoid injuries. It’s also child-sized to fit in the tiny hands of our customers.


That’s it about our fun Tiloly mini garden toy for babies. We hope you and your little one will love and enjoy it. Have fun fishing, sorting and matching the tiny carrots.

Let us know in the comments section below what you like most about our carrot harvest toy.

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